Our Catholic Student Association (CSA) is an official Southeastern student organization. Membership and participation is open to all students. Participation is a great way to meet students who share your faith-based values and identify yourself as part of an organized Catholic presence on campus.

Our CSA nights have varying activities from one meeting to the next, including prayer, praise and worship, scripture study, service, and fun activities. CSA nights are on Wednesdays during each semester from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m at St. Albert. There is always FREE PIZZA and fellowship in conjunction with CSA nights!

Our CSA is involved in ministry projects serving the St. Albert Community, as well as programs which help them develop their own faith and leadership skills. CSA members also serve as liturgical ministers for daily and Sunday Masses and as catechists for our Children’s Church program at our Sunday Masses.